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Describe the 4 parts of the urethra?

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The urethra is divided into four parts in men (named after their location):
* Pre-prostatic urethra: This is the intramural portion of the urethra that is to say which passes through the bladder wall to reach the prostate. Its length and diameter depend on the fullness of the bladder. It measures between 0.5 and 1.5 cm long.
* Prostatic urethra: This is the part that passes through the prostate. It includes 3 kinds of openings: those of the ejaculatory duct, those of prostatic channels and those of the prostatic utricle.
* Membranous urethra: A short (1 or 2 cm) and narrow party in the deep part of the perineum. Cowper's glands open at its level.
* Spongy urethra or penile urethra: Part of the urethra which traverses the spongiosum corpus of the penis and measures 15 to 16 cm long; urethral glands or glands of Littre has lead on it.

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